Brake Repairs

Problem with your car’s brakes?

Your brakes take a real pounding because friction is needed to make the system work. This places a huge strain on your brake pads, discs and drums. Corrosion is often one of the main causes of failure, so it’s well worth getting them checked out once a year. If you’re currently experiencing an issue with your car’s brakes, bring it along to our Chelmsford service centre without delay. We can usually determine the cause within a matter of hours and give you a jargon-free explanation of what needs to be done.

If your brakes do need a little more than a basic service, and require a full-on repair or replacement, we have a network of suppliers that can get the necessary parts to us quickly and without fuss.

And remember, all of our workmanship and parts are fully guaranteed.


Here are 5 of the most common brake problems


•    Low levels of brake fluid
•    Sticking, sinking or low pedal
•    Rust and corrosion
•    Worn brake linings
•    Car begins to shake when pedal is depressed

For a service, repair or full replacement that’ll not strain your wallet, call 01245 526 245 to book your car in or use the contact form.

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